Script Editor Selection Color bug

When clicking or dragging the cursor onto a Text or Built-in Function it will highlight the entire word, this is not the desired behavior, this happened after Update 451


Video of me clicking words


Hey @RuizuKun_Dev! We actually added this as a feature so you can click on a symbol (like a function name) and see all instances which makes it easier to read your code and is similar to other IDEs. Regarding the selection when dragging the cursor, we could look into making that nicer. Do you have any suggestions on all of this?


I have a few suggestions and/or issues with this change.

Unlike other IDEs You can no longer double click to select something and it will show all instances of it. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe we could do this in the past and it feels weird not being able to now.
Additionally, I have a bit of confusion on the “Selection when dragging the cursor” feature. What exactly is it meant to do? For me its just making it way harder to see what I am actually trying to select.


You’re correct; we changed this behavior so that what used to happen on double click instead happens when you move your cursor into an identifier (among a few other adjustments).


I don’t think it affects too much.

What I can see is that you can’t click the function name or the built-in function without highlighting the entire word.
I also see that you can only select the entire word, not parts of it.

I guess it can be annoying when you click it only 1 time (and not double click it) and it selects the whole word.

Can you add a setting to toggle this new feature?

I prefer the old behavior, and for a moment there I thought my mouse was broken (double clicking with one click)

When I want to select an entire word and see all instances I usually double click it or use find/find all.

this new behavior is hindering my work flow if there is a way I can remove it for now please let me know.

cc @darkmodeonn
I feel like this contributes a lot to visual noise, especially if you’re clicking around or cursoring through your code as you read through it. Most other IDEs do this exclusively on double click, I don’t see why changing this makes sense.

I haven’t worked in Studio for a month (university) so I don’t quite remember right now, but previously wasn’t it possible to double click on a word in a comment or a string, or constants like true/false, and see them highlighted throughout the script just the same as variables? Now it is impossible to do that. This is a feature in other IDEs and text editors (e.g. Sublime Text).


Seems like something that’s not a bug to me. You have Selection Background Color and Matching Word Background Color set to exactly the same color. Try changing them to be different.

We changed the behavior to make it easier to find all instance when single clicking which is similar to other coding editors. You can also change the “Matching Word Background Color” from Studio Settings -> Script Editor if you want to make it less noticeable!


Please change it back or add a way to disable this, it’s not a good feature it confuses a lot of us, hinders our workflow thus waste precious development time.

  • countless times that I have forgotten to double click a word to copy it
  • countless times that I have to stare at the screen to select a portion of a word
  • countless times that I have to use CTRL+F to find all similar words instead of using double click

I don’t think it’s that bad if you lower the contrast of the background color and make sure it’s different from the selection color. Arguably it’s faster to see what you’re working on.

That said however, the old behavior was more powerful, so I’d prefer both features at the same time to preserve both the ease of it happening on cursor position, and the utility of it happening on selected words regardless of symbol type:

I saw that Thread, I hard vouch for it

Yeah I know, I really prefer the old behavior this new one is unintuitive.

I changed the background color and selection color already I still have those problems mentioned.

Thank you for all the feedback! We’re adding back the double click feature in the next release while maintaining the option to single click for people that have that preference. This also matches the behavior of other IDEs


@darkmodeonn I noticed Highlight current word was added, thank you very much!

however it’s still missing a feature for when we double click a word it should highlight all occurrences of that word


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