Script Editor - Semantic Highlighting and Temporary Tabs are now in Beta!

Hello @darkmodeonn,

I guess I’m just going to give feedback on Temporary Tabs. (I might put this into a feature request as it’s severely affecting my workflow). I am a terrain designer, and I use special tools to import my terrain into roblox. I often use the .OBJ Importer to render my terrains before converting. This requires pasting a ton of lines into the script editor. (Which was already broken for me before this!) Usually, when it doesn’t crash, it freezes studio for a few minutes before letting me close. These scripts are usually 1.4 million lines long. With this new feature, selecting the script in the workspace so it’s highlighted causes temporary tab to open, which freezes my studio, and un-highlights the script, so I have to repeat this process over and over. (I need to select it for the .OBJ loader plugin. I need to be able to turn this off. It’s currently killing my workflow. If you have any questions or need specific details/want me to share the script I’m trying to run, please let me know.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

…I stand corrected. :sweat_smile:

May as well delete my Roblox account now tbh, there’s no coming back from that one.


Don’t feel too bad - you had me fooled, too. :rofl:


It’s a pretty good heuristic in this case :slight_smile: But yeah to run a 100% correct semantical highlighter you’d need to run a full parse, which can be problematic for performance reasons unless you can scope it to a few lines around the code you’re editing, and also requires a parser that tolerates mistakes in the input text so that you don’t lose highlight information as the text is being edited.


I just opened up studio today and wrote a simple script for a tutorial I am making. When I opened the script editor, I noticed this:

Lots of stuff have turned completely black…

My settings are at default and I have changed it a few times then back to default with no solution. I am not so sure of the default colors, which I have been used to for almost 6 years, which kinda threw me off :man_shrugging:

Anyone willing to share the default colors or Roblox staff being able to find about the problem?

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Will we be getting a Code Mini-map anytime soon? It’s one of the features that makes me want to use a Rojo workflow, as I have gotten so used to using it in Visual Studio:


Edit: Meant to reply to OP, sorry.


Some quirks with the new semantic highlighting I found to be annoying:

Roblox currently has ‘Operator color’ take into account parenthesis but this is inconsistent w/other external editors such as VSCode, which don’t consider this an operator and therefore allow you to set operators to their own color.



If I change studio’s operator color to the same as my VSCode color:

Too much pink!!

--TODO comments should also highlight the entire line, not just the individual word

This lowkey weird w/out the entire line.

But otherwise this is fantastic stuff guys!! Great work all around - I’m excited to see where this goes :smiley:


Hmm, it looks like your settings didn’t load properly somehow. I will investigate that, but for the time being resetting them should resolve that.


Weird is a bit of an understatement, this looks downright terrible. Either highlight the entire line or don’t- Please don’t just have a single word highlighted!

Operator color shouldn’t also color parenthesis, this is weird looking and downright confusing. Please revert that!

I don’t fully understand what you said, but if it’s what i’m assuming it is, yes! It’d get my workflow working faster again

In my opinion, I really don’t like temporary tabs opening everytime I click my script to edit a property.


I am back once again, with a little issue:

VSCode highlights function names in their entirety, not just the call itself. Studio does not.



Notice is highlighted the function color - not just foo

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Wow! It look so much better!


Not sure if this is caused by this update, but I can no longer use f2 to rename the script I’m currently editing.

edit: Looks like I can, but it’s very weird to allow it to to happen. I have to deselect all items in the explorer, then select the script, deselect, then reselect and it allows it.

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These features look really great and I’d love to use them ASAP (which means - while they are still in beta).

The question is; are these features safe to use on a dev build of a real WIP game?

Is there a scenario in which, for some reason, code written within the beta won’t work as expected if the beta features are changed before release?

I.E. Is this feature purely cosmetic, or can it, perhaps in a roundabout way, cause damage/unexpected behavior in scripts running in the actual roblox client/non beta builds?


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--TODO comments should also highlight the entire line, not just the individual word

I disagree here, I think TODO should only highlight the key itself, otherwise it gets cluttery and over time you get desensitized to looking for them.

Additionally, the current behaviour lets you recolor the TODO/FIXME keyword to something really noticeable (like harsh red) without screwing with the rest of the sentence’s readability.

This is preference really, but I think it’s important (as feedback to Roblox) that I provide this counter argument.


what are the color settings for those colors?

Same happens for me :frowning:

While I cannot give a 100% guarantee of safety for any beta feature, I can say that none of these features (are intended to) change anything about the actual code contents of the scripts. They only modify how scripts are displayed in Roblox Studio’s code editor. It would, therefore, be hard to see any scenario in which they change the behavior of your code (except perhaps “causing the human to make a mistake”).


This update is truly hot and epic. I am excited for this to be added. One question, can I enable this now through the beta features tab.