Script Editor should change color preset when Studio theme is changed (if not previously modified manually by user)

My script editor theme is currently on Light mode colors despite my theme being Dark mode. Toggling the theme has no effect on script editor colors. This creates a UX issue for new users / people that previously had light mode colors for the script editor, because the script editor doesn’t match the mode of the rest of the application:


As a developer, I want to have the ability to easily toggle my script editor theme between light/dark mode similarly to how I can change the whole Studio theme. There is currently no way to do so, so to set my script editor colors to a dark theme I now need to find the colors somewhere and manually type them over for 10+ textboxes in settings, or I need to install a developer-made plugin just to set these themes. This is inconvenient and doesn’t make for good UX.

Roblox should provide built-in script editor theme switching for the themes they provide (Light / Dark / Default) and the editor should automatically switch to these colors when the user has not locally modified their script editor colors (as to not overwrite the user’s custom theme, if set). If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would be much better UX to switch between themes and not having to set the default dark theme colors yourself for the script editor, and would save me a lot of time as a developer configuring Studio.