Script Editor sluggish after last update (MacOS)

After months of waiting for this issue to be fixed I was happy when it was, but it has now returned with a vengeance.

The Issue:

When scrolling in the script editor the frame rate is choppy, and when typing the response time is very slow (when a key is pressed there is a noticeable delay). When continuously typing the characters show up sequentially slower.

When did it start?

The issue seems to have come back with the recent update to the studio.

OS Version: macOS Sierra 10.12.6

I’ve had this issue for ages, even when it was supposedly “fixed” I still had noticeable (although not nearly as bad as pre-“fix”) latency when scrolling and typing. So the fix that they released never worked for me. When I typed it sometimes takes a full second for it to catch up. And scrolling was ever so slightly delayed. Now it’s even worse, so whatever fix they come out with this time I really hope it fully fixes the issue permanently.

OS Version: macOS High Sierra 10.13.4
System: Macbook Pro 2017 15"

Same here. Same version and computer (late 2016)

This issue is getting quite frustrating…


Some clarification that this is being looked into would be nice.

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Also experiencing this since a few days ago. Very difficult to navigate code and efficiently type in Studio script editor.

I am on macOS Sierra 10.12.6

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For now you can just change your color setting to standard RGB, seems to fix the problem to a certain degree.

This is a workaround, but still hopefully helpful:

Use a studio sync-to-file library like


to bypass studio code editor issues (they seem to happen pretty frequently, especially on OSX).

I don’t think we should have to resort back to workarounds–this was just working fine a couple weeks ago. Surely a recent change can be undone to fix this again.

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With all the bugs people have been having with the latest studio updates, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a rollback

I agree with @tbradm, we shouldn’t have to resort to workarounds for an issue that’s been going on for so long (over a year or at least a year by now) and especially after having a dedicated fix for it released (even though that fix never worked for me). Mac OS seems to always get the low end of the stick on Studio and in general the experience leaves a lot to be desired and is just buggy in general (resizing widgets/windows inside studio is extremely laggy and at times barely even functional. Lately I haven’t even been able to snap windows to edges from it being painfully too laggy to even work) and very poorly optimized in comparison to the windows version. I mean come on, the script editor is one of the most important (or the most important) component of studio and it’s practically unusable and forces us to find workarounds like changing our color profile (doesn’t work anymore, at least not for me…) or, a workaround I found to work fairly well in the past, running studio in “Low Resolution Mode” (Right click Studio in Applications -> Get Info -> Low resolution mode). BUT I’ve found recently that even that doesn’t work (and even if it did, it makes things blurry which is undesirable) and now all my workarounds aren’t working (apart from using an external script editor which is rediculous to be forced to do so because I prefer to use the internal script editor and there’s not a sync system that I like for Mac OS) It’s as if it’s slowly getting worse. In conclusion, I believe that this should be high priority. It could already be high priority and a fix could be in the works for it as I speak but we don’t know and I’d personally like to hear from staff as to what the status is for this (@Silent137 ?) . I really want to see a day where we can truly type freely in Studio on Mac OS.

tldr; This is a long time issue that should be high priority especially considering that it has already received a fix prior. The workarounds are literally dwindling down as if the issue is getting worse leaving the only viable workaround to be using an external script editor which is not acceptable.

Any word from staff on this issue would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I agree with all of this, I’ve been experiencing these issues for the past 4 years and now the old methods of color profiles don’t even fix the issue. It’s an incredibly difficult job having an unresponsive script editor, and as much as I hate to bump incredibly old posts this is important.