Script editor theme doesn't update

I noticed that for some reason I had about 6 versions of Roblox installed on my device, so I went ahead and reinstalled it. I opened Roblox Studio, changed the UI_Theme to dark, and then proceeded to open up a script to continue with development.

It was at that moment I was greeted with a pure white display which has now permanently damaged my eyes after hours of developing in the dark.

In all seriousness, the script editor doesn't seem to update like it used to to match your UI theme, i.e dark.

Edit: Moved image into a spoiler tab so any of you who are in a dark room won’t die, you can thank me later :ok_hand:.


I dont know how you could get the default dark theme script editor, but you could try creating your own theme here for now

feel free to copy my theme if you want

edit: nvm found it


Don’t worry, I already have my own custom theme. Thanks though.

I just went ahead and reported the minor inconvenience so Roblox was aware of it.

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oh aight cool


Appears to be only a one off thing after Roblox Studio is installed. Resetting everything and selecting dark theme again fixes it.

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