Script editor window resizing itself when opening new script

What happens:
Here are 2 script windows side by side:

Now, when you open a new script it automatically resizes the left window:

What should happen:
The window sizes should stay the same when opening a new script.

Where it happens: In the Studio script editor. (I’m on a Mac)

When it happens: Always


Could you please update your post following these guidelines: How to post a Bug Report?


Ok, I updated it. I did not include those informations before because the new bug report form doesn’t ask for it anymore, not sure if you guys are aware of that.

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Hi there. This has been reported before and we are tracking it here:
When opening scripts in split screen, it resizes your editors - Bug Reports / Studio Bugs - Developer Forum | Roblox

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Actually the post you linked was posted after, but don’t mind that :slight_smile: