Script Encrypt [ NEED HELP ]

Is there a way to encrypt my script to maybe binary or something? Not to just encrypt string but the whole script and run it? Thank you.

Possibly, if you make a table of what each character is in binary.

local binaryTable = {

What you’re asking for is script obfuscation, the following video/tutorial may help.

Roblox already does this for you!

Your code is compiled into bytecode, which are instructions for a virtual machine. The client never sees any source code.

You can think of it as converting “whisk the flour into the mixture” into “turn your hand 180 degrees” and all the other minute steps necessary to complete that action.

Additionally, the interpreter doesn’t need variable names to perform it’s actions, so they are stripped.

It is hard to get the original source code from this bytecode, and any decompilations won’t be perfect.