Script Error Is Present, But My Code Is Valid

Error in console:

When I right-click in the script editor:


Why is this making an error?

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Create a new script, then copy and paste the current script into it, I’ve been getting a problem where the last line of a script is hidden from the editor until i make a new script and paste all the text in there

for example return nil in a module would be at the bottom, but with the bug

you would have
return nil
return nil ← this is not shown in the editor

also the screenshot should include the line numbers as i’ve only counted 26 lines total

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Oh yeah, sorry for leaving out the line numbers; Yes, there are only 26 lines lol.

it appears the editor is bugged out for you, hopefully what i said fixes the situation as it worked for me, the error points out it is reading “end” on line 27 but as you said, a total of 26 lines are shown.

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