Script for obby

I want to make a spawn area, i.e. obby, where you can’t attack and you can’t be attacked and when you selected a skill, it only works when you entered the portal, I hope I explained correctly and clearly
can you help me??

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I don’t understand this part:

“… and you can’t be attacked when you selected a skill”

Like, You have skills/abilities in your game and you would like to make it where you can’t use them if you haven’t gone through a portal/you’re still in a safezone?

There’s multiple tutorials on safezones, Search some up on here or YouTube. (I’m sorry for being rude and such, But this is like the only reply you’re probably gonna have for now.)

I mean when you die and you get to obby, you can’t use skills or visual effects and when you enter the portal it activates, and you can’t attack in obby, how do I do that?


Have a big part which covers the entire obby, if the user collides/touches it/is inside of it then disable skills or “visual effects”. and make it where people cant use weapons and such.

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