Script formatting not formatting at all

So i have my script open on roblox studio as this post is being made, and on the pc im currently using it doesnt format the code whatsoever, however on my other pc, it formats just fine, so I dont see why there is an issue on this one. What exactly I’m doing is right clicking in my script and clicking “Format document” (if that wasnt obvious), and as stated it does nothing.

Check that you have it enabled in settings:

File → Studio Settings → Script Editor → Format on Type
and also Format on Paste, as the same location

I do indeed have it enabled

If you Ctrl+X (cut) the code, then Ctrl+V(paste) it, does it format it?

Unfortunately no, it doesnt, still keeps the original unformatted code

Odd. You may have a corrupted file in Roblox Studio. Can you please try reinstalling it and see if it fixes the issue?

Still does not format the code

Quite odd. It’s possible that some setting remained from the previous version, so if you go in Studio → File → Studio Settings, then click Reset All Settings at the bottom left, does it resolve the issue?

Also, what’s some of the code that you are trying to have formatted?

this is the code im testing it on atm
however there is also other scripts experiencing the same issue

Resetting every setting did fix it, why it did i have no idea considering I’ve never changed any studio setting on this PC, alas it works now, so, not complaining

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