Script gives a tool for the number of players

This script is a server script and when ever I run it, it gives players the number of swords of players in game. I fixed it a bit but when I tested it, it gave 1 sword to one player then 2 to the other player. I’m not sure why its not working and I have tried a few things. Help would be very appreciated!

local function Sword1()
	local Players = game:GetService("Players")
	-- Tables
	local playerInRound = {}
	local connections = {}
	-- Main Script

	local children = workspace.Ingame:GetChildren()
	for _,  Player in pairs(Players:GetChildren()) do
		if Player.Character and Player.Character:FindFirstChild('Humanoid') then
			for i = 1,#children do
				local clone = map:FindFirstChild("Tool"):Clone()
				if Player.Character:FindFirstChild("Tool") then
					clone.Parent = children[i]
				table.insert(playerInRound, Player)
				connections[] = Player.Character.Humanoid.Died:Connect(function()
					table.remove(playerInRound, table.find(playerInRound, Player))

I don’t understand your script fully, what is workspace.Ingame? also on the line

clone.Parent = children[i]

why don’t you set the parent to Player.Character? why children[i]

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workspace.ingame is the folder for the players characters that are in the game so the mini game can tell how many people are in still. Then for your second question I didn’t think about it that way.

I swithced up that line you quoted and it worked :skull:! Thank you

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