Script-less team create

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to allow contracted builders and UI creators to access your game with team create without providing them access to the game in it’s entirety. While they only need to be able to edit GUIs and the game’s building, they are provided access to the full server and local side scripts of the game, providing a major liability for game and/or script theft.

Contractors are a massive part of developing games in large teams where multiple builders/UI designers may be needed, or where multiple contractors are used throughout a long period of time. To make sure that leaks of games do not occur, (something that has happened, and has been proven to be devastating in the past) complicated arrangements of multiple places and file transfers must take place, and terrain is not transferrable at all.

Allowing access to be provided specifically for building or UI, where everything apart from scripts are visible would be a simple and great solution to this problem.

Solving this issue would make contracting much more safe and worthwhile, and would overall streamline the process of making a game in a large group.

Solutions such as legal contracts and only hiring people you trust are not complete solutions. Most people do not have the financial backing or time to launch a lawsuit against someone on the grounds of a breach of contract, and hiring only people you trust results in higher costs, and these people may stop being trusted, while still holding a game copy.

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This is on our roadmap. Probably 2020 though.


Is it this? Sounds good! Can’t wait :)))


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