Script Line Bookmarking Plugin

Introducing: The Bookmark Plugin.

I’ve wanted something like this for quite some time, so I figured “Why not create it myself?” So I did! This plugin will let you bookmark different lines in your scripts and save them in a nifty menu so that you can access them later! You can store as many lines or as many scripts as you want, and then save it so when you close studio and re-open it, they’re all there waiting for you! You can even save and share bookmarks with your friends.

How does it work?

Simply open up the script you want to use, type in a name for your bookmark and the line number to bookmark, then click the plus. It’s that easy! It will automatically categorize bookmarks from the same scripts together (This will not work if two scripts are in the same place with the same name, but will categorize scripts with the same name in different directories differently.)

To save your bookmarks, simply click the save icon. This will automatically create a save data string value in Server Storage that will store your saved data. Do not delete this! It is used to load your bookmarks when you leave and rejoin studio. This string is also present at the top of the menu for you to copy and send to your fellow developers!

To load a save data string, just click the upload icon and paste it in!

If you want to delete a bookmark, simply click the trashcan icon next to it. The arrow icon will send you to the line associated with the bookmark.

If you guys encounter any bugs or have any questions, feel free to let me know!