Script mysteriously not working

Hello! My touch event is not firing. It has a weld constraint by the way. It is not anchored and can collide is set to false. Can Touch is true, but some how it just doesn’t fire the touch event even when it is touched. I know that because I used print() and it did not work. I’m using it for a fire ball game. I have two fireballs: One has no weld constraint and one has. The one without weld constraint works. By the way, I am using weld constraint with a hitbox with is the child of the fire ball two. Here are some screen shots :

Property of Weld Constraint
FireSpellScript - Roblox Studio 8_20_2021 3_35_04 PM
FireSpellScript - Roblox Studio 8_20_2021 3_34_57 PM

I know that the reason my touch event is not firing is because fireball one works perfectly but fireball two just flies forever. Please help me :slight_smile: Any help would be VERY appreciated. And I am happy to set it as solution if it worked :slight_smile: All replies will be appreciated :slight_smile:

What are the properties of the objects? (CanTouch, Anchored, CanCollide)