Script not being able to access BoolValue in tool

local Full
	Full = player.Character:FindFirstChild("Bucket").Water.Value
	if Full == false then

	local Item = player.Character.Bucket.BucketItem
		if Item.Value == "Flour" then
			Full = true
		Item.Value = "BreadDough"
		Content.Transparency = 0
		Content.Material = Enum.Material.Mud
		Content.Color =, 0.682353, 0.435294)
			Full = true
		Content.Transparency = 0.35
		Content.Material = Enum.Material.Glass
		Content.Color =, 0.682353, 1)
		Item.Value = "Water"

This script is supposed to handle filling a bucket with water. When it is full, it’s supposed to set the Water BoolValue to true, but it stays false, causing the BreadDough section to be overrun and replaced with water. The tool is a server-side object, so it is able to access it, however it doesn’t change to value at all. Why?

just do Full = player.Character:FindFirstChild("Bucket").Water

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A boolValue is an instance, with a property, Value, which stores the actual value, doing this just returns the instance, not the Value OP is trying to find.

Are you sure you are setting the Value property to true on the server and client side, and not just the client side.

Should be both, since this is a server script
Edit: Checked it and it is changed on both client and server

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Yeah, but when do you change player.Character:FindFirstChild("Bucket").Water.Value to true, in a server script?

Full = true, now Full.Value = true

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Okay that makes a lot more sense, I was misunderstanding the code, my bad!


bro i thought you were on smth for a second. or you were just trolling

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