Script Not Finding / Ignoring Folder?

11:33:29.007 SaveData is not a valid member of ReplicatedStorage "ReplicatedStorage" - Server - Server:9

I am trying to make a save script and for some reason, it won’t find the folder. It’s there, I double checked.


This has to be some studio bug that roblox hasn’t fixed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my script and other objects in ReplicatedStorage have no problem like this.
(And before you ask, I used :WaitForChild(). It didn’t work.)

That’s super odd? From what I know, the intentional behavior is that the server sees this storage. However, it seems empty from the script?

I have no idea what is happening, it’s so weird.

One funny thing I can anticipate is the folder’s name having an extra space or two at the end. Studio’s UI makes spaces barely visible, this happens to me often.

(And before you ask, I used :WaitForChild() . It didn’t work.)

On another note, you wouldn’t need to do this, by the time server scripts run everything pre-existing in the server, including the server’s side of ReplicatedStorage, will be there.

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There is no space or two, I checked. And I know about everything existing before server scripts run.

Is there any code whatsoever that’s tampering with this folder?

There is no script that tampers with ReplicatedStorage. I have made sure.

Maybe call the folder something else and see if that fixes the issue?

Also, can we see the code.

There is no need. The error tells you everything, the code would be useless in this regard…

It’s clearly code related. An error message only gets people so far.

I don’t see how copying and pasting is that hard to do if you want the help to figure out the issue.

Kind of. But you want the error part? Here: local dataTemplate = RS.SaveData. (RS = ReplicatedStorage) There you go.

Then what are you doing in the scripting support if you 100% know it’s not code related? Fix your attitude, YOU came to a forum looking for help. That’s what people are trying to do.

How is RS defined?
local RS = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

Could also try:
local dataTemplate = RS["SaveData"]

Where is the script located? ServerScriptService presumably?

That is how RS is defined, I also have tried every way of indexing the variable.

And it is a scripting error that does not make sense, it belongs in this category. Please enlighten me what category fits this better.

This is correct, it is located there.

If you believe this to be a bug that studio has, it belongs in the #bug-reports:studio-bugs section.

it would help if u posted the code u know. even if you say its completely useless.

Looks like this error is happening on the 9th line of your program, decently deep in - could we see the rest of your code (or at least the part from the start to around the error)?

I do not have the necessary permissions in that regard. This is the only place to report it in my position.

Then give more information to us. 3 people just asked to see your code.