Script order being lost when studio restarts

Fairly recently studio got an update that allowed scripts to remain open when you close and reopen a file / place. It’s a great feature and it feels like I really can just jump back in where I left off but it’s not maintaining open order across sessions. This kinda undermines the utility of a feature like this.

In the image above I’ve opened 4 scripts, in order of A, B, C, D. WIthout closing the scripts I’ll save and close studio then reopen it to find:

Where A is a Script, B a ModuleScript, C a ModuleScript, D a LocalScript. The bug only seems to occur when scripts of different types are open, making all the scripts the same type seems to preserve the opened / organized order.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Create a new place (skip to step 4 if using the attached repro file)
  2. Insert 4 or more different types of scripts
  3. Name each inserted script a unique name
  4. Open the scripts in memorable order
  5. Save and reopen the place file
  6. Observe the scripts are now out of order

script order repro.rbxl (13.1 KB)

I can repro this 100% of the time on the latest build of studio (0.343.1.215372) on my windows 10 computer.


I’ve also had a few issues where the same script will open twice at the same time, and I’ll end up making edits to both, then only one saves and I have to look through hundreds of lines to see what I did and didn’t change.

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I can attest to this. The problem I run into most is that my game re-opens tons of scripts that I’d closed previously, which is frustrating. The feature overall seems pretty inconsistent.

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