Script Recovery Tab Stuck above Screen


So when I open a Place, the Script Recovery Tab appears, nothing bad right?


But the thing is, Every time I open a Place, it goes higher and higher on the Screen, and now, I’m not able to drag it back into the Screen anymore!

This is what is happening:

I Have tried the Following:

  • Dragging it back into the Screen
    This did nothing as I can't drag it

  • Close and Open Studio
    This only made the Situation worse

  • Opening and Closing Tab
    Nothing Changed

How do I fix this? This has been bothering me for the past few hours.

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This is currently a bug.

I recommend adding information to this already existing report.

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I got it fixed by pressing ;, I’m not sure how and I’m not sure why, but it fixed my issue.

I completely forgot i made this Topic.

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