Script Replicator Plugin

This plugin allows you to copy and paste scripts into objects, but it can do it on a bigger scale. I’ve noticed that I could only paste a script into one object at a time, so I designed this to allow me to paste similar scripts into similar objects more quickly.

To use, you simply select the script you want to copy and press the copy button, then select whatever you want to insert the script into, as many objects as you want, and press paste. it will then paste the scripts into everything that was selected. there is also an option to overwrite any scripts with the same name, since if you need to paste a lot of scripts, there is a chance there was a mistake in the first script that was copied, thus giving you defective scripts in all your objects. the option allows you to correct all these scripts easily.

if you have any questions or comments or have found a bug please let me know.

(I do not have studio open at the moment, I will add pictures and video of the plugin working later)

*please do not use, just use ctrl + shift + v instead


I don’t understand why people copy paste one script million times instead of having one script that controls all of the objects. It is indeed a bad practice and this plugin encourages it even more.


CollectionService does exactly this, but better.
CollectionService (


The feature where you can overwrite scripts sounds cool. However there’s already keybinds to copy and paste any object(s) into all selected objects.

How To


  • Highlight the contents you want to copy
  • Press Ctrl/Command + C to copy


  • Highlight the objects you want to paste the copied contents into
  • Press Ctrl/Command + Shift + V to insert the copied objects into the selected objects.

I’ve been on roblox for a while and thought I couldn’t paste into multiple objects at once, must’ve been an update and I completely missed it? anyways thanks for letting me know.

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I know, I use bad practices a lot. mostly just trying to make some of my first few plugins so I have a bit of an idea of how to make plugins, and if anyone thinks they’re neat they can just have them.


Idk what “a while” means for you but this feature existed for years
Select all the instances and then just ctrl + shift + v

What makes this plugin any different from using package links?

This post is also missing “why” we should install this plugin.

really?! not sure how I missed it then, since I joined in 2013. I thought at some point when I had multiple objects selected it became greyed out and pasting just didn’t work. thanks for letting me know, I’ll try not make that the main feature of any future plugins lol

tbh, I think I forgot why just after making the post, everyone else seems to know more why they shouldn’t use this plugin. thought it was a good idea at the time since I had no idea certain features had existed, but after learning that apparently it is possible to paste into multiple objects at once it looks like the only good feature is replacing scripts…

A good take away from “everyone knows why they shouldn’t use the plugin” is to make sure to include, why they should use it according to your post. People are going to find ways, so make sure you include all of the information while keeping it brief.

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I think it’s really cool that you’ve been able to apply your newly learned scripting knowledge to create a plugin that you find is useful. There’s no one right or wrong way of solving a problem and you’ve found one way that solves your problems, so sharing this resource was very generous. However, as others have stated, it is generally looked down upon to paste the same code into multiple scripts instead of using a single script to manage the process. These complaints are due to code becoming more difficult to manage, and the performance cost of running too many threads from multiple scripts.