Script, returning tables error

I’ve been working on an admin commands and I return tables all the time in this script the problem is that it doesn’t returning the thables anymore for a weird reason, I’ve been checking the script and it’s actually fine.

local Checked = Module.CheckList(Player)

It returns this table:
{is = false,what = 0,name = "none"}

That’s one of the calls that checks if the player is an admin and it’s supussed to return a table with the values I want but now it just return the function and a table that isn’t the requested table, some minutes ago I went playing some games and most of them are getting errors.

This is what returns now:

I tried this script for get that print:
for state,value in pairs, Checked do wait(1) print(state,value) end

Everything is already checked in the script, I’m doing this on PC, Windows 10. This started happening today 10/30/19.


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