Script Suite Essentials, An useful script pack for beginning developers

Hello there, I’m lynnlo, and over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a few scripts as part of a Initiative to create a open library of resources for both beginning and established developers alike.

More information can be found here.

I’m excited to release Lynnlo’s Script Suite, a collection scripts that developers can use to ease up their workflow.

Script Suite Essentials is the first package of scripts that’ll be released, it includes scripts like Givers, Teleports, Lava, and many more.

Script Suite Essentials is completely free to use, modify, and distribute. Although I do ask that you either credit me or RoLibrary.

I’m still looking to expand Script Suite Essentials so please feel free to comment on anything that I can do, or do better. If you know a beginning developer this pack will make a great recommendation to help them get started making basic games.

Thanks for reading!


Why not release these separately? Some of these scripts are far too basic to belong in a library. Why are these Scripts when they can be easily converted to ModuleScripts, like any normal library.


The goal of this is to help newer developers get started on their first game, while it would make more sense to make this into a plugin, I want the new developers be able to see and understand what the code is doing.

I tried to make this as simple as possible and am continuing to add more scripts to this collection.

I will be however will try releasing a pack of modules and more advanced scripts that intermediate developers can use later on.

This category is not intended for such basic things, especially when they’re basically covered on the developer hub.


While you may feel this way, offering “basic things” isn’t the point of the post nor this pack.
My goal, along with many other developers as part of RoLibrary is to help both newer and more experienced developers get access to a library of scripts and resources. If you do not support this then that is fine with me, but I see this pack as a stepping stone in creating that vision.

I will also point out that there are a good number of scripts in there, some not covered in the developer hub, having a script that works and deconstructing from it may also benefit people who learn programming a certain way.

Not substantial enough