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Hello! I found this script it’s a trail tutorial a rainbow one from Alvin BlOX script not working pls help code:

First and for most, I’d recommend copying and pasting the code onto the developer forum, a photo from a secondary device wouldn’t be my first option.


trail.Attachment = attachment1 

The “a” in the “attachment1” should be capitalized.

Next, no idea why there’s two ``, there should be 1 of them if I’m not mistaken.

Mainly all you have to do is fix the capitalization to the variables EXACT name.

Also, the category should be #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

Okay, replace




You’re using two apostrophes where there should be a quote mark around strings.

Also, Lua is case-sensitive. Referring to attachment1 is different than the Attachment1 you created.

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Still not working pls Reply

So deleted the attachment and ,?

could you send the code in text so i can edit them cuz image is kinda hard

Kk I will try tho to write it in letters

you can just copy and paste you dont have to write them ;-;

Highlight the code, press ctrl + c, then press ctrl + v in the replies.

game.players.PlayersAdded:connect (function(player)
local trail = game.ServerStorage.Trail:clone ()
trail.parent = char.Head
local Attachment0 =“Attachment”,char."Head) "TrailAttachment0"
	local Attachment1 = ("Attachment",char".HumanoidRootPart)"TrailAttachment1"
	trail.Attachment0 = Attachment0
	trail.Attachment1 = Attachment1


Try this. Your code formatting is completely messed up, and I fixed it for you. I think you’re a beginner so I’ll help you out here. If it works, please mark as solution:

		local trail = game.ServerStorage.Trail:Clone()
		trail.Parent = char:WaitForChild("Head")
		local Att0 ="Attachment", char.Head)
		Att0.Name = "TrailAttachment0"
		local Att1 ="Attachment", char:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart"))
		Att1.Name = "TrailAttachment1"
		trail.Attachment0 = Att0
		trail.Attachment1 = Att1

it worked how did ya fix code ty

You formatted the code in the completely wrong way. You had a quote after char, and that completely messed up the code. At the top in Line 1, PlayersAdded is not a real function, and I would replace game.players with game.Players. PlayersAdded should be PlayerAdded there. That’s what I can find so far. Please mark the post as solution by clicking the “Solution” button next to the heart icon.

i marked the code you post solution

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Ok, thank you! Make sure to check your formatting and look for context clues in errors next time!

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