Script Tab Identification


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to identify what type of script I am working on based on the script tabs.

Sometimes I forget which script is what when I have too many tabs open. It’s difficult to discern the type of script based on the name alone. I propose that there should be some type of identification, such as different colors or even their respective icons for each type of script (Script, LocalScript, and ModuleScript). The latter of which has already been suggested 3 years ago.

An example from the aforementioned suggestion:


Yes, this would be great


I’ve felt the same way when having 10+ tabs opened at once, this would speed up workflow and reduce confusion.


This’d be neat, especially since I sometimes tend to use the same names for the server & client scripts of some functionality


I typically have many different scripts open when working on a monolith and I get lost frequently. This would definitely help.

It would also be nice if some kind of numerical tag could be appended to open scripts that have the same name to differentiate them, but this might start to clutter tab titles too much.


Full support.


Thanks for bringing this up again and suggesting it once more, this would definitely keep me organised if I’m ever scripting in studio!


I’m currently working on an older project of mine, and this feature would really help me work through the client/server scripts that I barely recognize.


I support. For a while I been using LS (Local Script) and SS (Server Script) identifiers in the script name to avoid such confusion. image (and MS for Module Scripts)