Script Templates Plugin

Script Templates V1

I originally made this to mess around with plugins, and this was when I was fairly “eh” at scripting.
I’ve updated most of the scripts compared to how they were before and their explanations should be better; though still not the best.

If you find incorrect explanations or if I don’t go into enough detail on things, let me know.

  • You need to re-enable the plugin (turn it off then on) after updating. I’ll fix this soon.

I’m aware the UI isn’t the nicest thing to look at, but hey, it isn’t the worst either. I’ll redo this soon.


This is NOT done. Let me know what examples to add in responses to this thread.

Okay, so now actually getting the plugin.

Plugin Download
Using it is straightforward.

Download, click “Templates (NumberOfTemplates)” then click the template you’d like to insert.
Template code tends to be disabled until requested.

So basically, what it does, is you click a button, then either a Folder with Scripts inside is cloned, or a Script is cloned into Workspace. Note you do not get forced to auto-select these.

This isn’t the best execution of the plugin in my opinion, and I will probably do a near-on full rewrite soon once I get more template ides and feedback on things to add & how UI should look.

If you’ve got questions or ideas, like I said, send them in replies.

Note I made this originally a while ago when my scripting wasn’t the best. I’ve updated code and some comments to be better, but probably not the best, before I decide how to do comments and explaining I’d like to know if people would prefer long, detailed explanations, or short, 1-line explanations.

Sorry about how much text is in the topic, just felt like I needed to explain the reasons for some things before people used it.

(also not entirely sure if this belongs here or in feedback first seeing as it’s kind of a more feedback-oriented post but at the same time a resource :upside_down_face:)


Isn’t that a roblox bug?

Pretty sure there’s a way to fix that, I’m not certain though

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Made my own script templates in the past but did not think people would actually want such a source and here someone made it at least, heres some ideas for more script templates:

  • User input local script templates
  • OOP Starter Module

Thanks, and tbh I didn’t think people would want it either, but when I first worked on it and mentioned it in the HD Discord quite a while ago a lot of people liked the idea so I thought I may as well do it.

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Templates can be subjective so to get the best use out of templates I would think its better for people to make their own. By subjective I mean you might have different use case scripts, maybe someone wants some kind of script template someone else wouldn’t use and etc.

The universal templates would just be the PlayerAdded and etc I see here so that’s the only thing I will see handy in this resource.

Yeah, most templates I’m going to put in here will just be examples of how to use the specific thing in one way or a couple ways. I probably won’t do any specific requests unless they get requested quite often and a lot of people want it.

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I’ve removed the version from the title–you can just include the version in the body of the thread.

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