Script that deletes backdoors?

For those of you who don’t know what a backdoor script is, it’s basically a script that comes with a model, usually titled, “Infection” or “ViRus”, that injects malware into your game as long as it’s inside of it.

And with this topic i’m asking you guys if you know any scripts/plugins that would destroy all backdoor scripts

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Uhh there is RoDefender which people claim it does provide some protection I haven’t tested it myself. But you should just check and make sure free models don’t have scripts and don’t use untrusted plugins

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Server Defender has been a plugin I’ve been using since day 1. However, I believe if you have the word “virus” in the code, regardless if malicious or not, might detect it as harmful.

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game.Backdoors:delete() :crazy_face:

Honestly, all those “Defender” plugins are useless, since malicious script creators find ways to bypass them over time. Those plugins can’t catch them all without having to be updated all the time. And some might actually be malicious themselves.

Just simply be careful what you insert from the toolbox, and only trust scripts you have scripted yourself or have carefully looked through. If it looks like it was obfuscated or has obvious variable names of malicious intent like the infamous fire spread, then delete it. One of the golden rules is to never run a game that has free models without inspecting each and every object in the model for hidden scripts.