Script to make player's arm go up when equipping item whilst sitting?

I have a small problem. In my game I have players teleported and force-sat into a random seat. Players spawn in with an item beforehand. If I have an item equipped already before teleported, my character does this:

However, when I unequip the item, my arm is still up:

If the player is teleported before the player equips an item, their arm starts down and doesn’t come up when equipping an item:

Is there a way to make it so that when a player is sitting and not equipping a tool, their arm stays down AND when a player is sitting and equipping a tool, their arm goes up?

Let me test something really quick and I will get back to you,

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I think you could possibly use


to stop the hand from going up but other than that I cant really find what you are looking for.

i think the tool anim is located on character → ‘Animate’ → ‘toolnone’ and theres the anim i guess just load it maybe and play it again when ur character is sitting

I thought this also but It might not override when sitting,

Is this a bug maybe that Roblox has to fix?

im not sure but i think the tool none is an action animation? idk

At most it would not be a bug. Most likely something I am missing to read. Let me look at docs for something that could help.

Very likely, it happened in other games I played too

@dngbae2 You could create an animation that makes the players hand go down. That could be a solution. Same thing with the hand going up


ye true why i cant think about that than getting the original tool animation

Forcing an animation works. I guess this is the temporary fix.

Glad I could help. I wish you luck