Script Version History Phased Rollout

Wow what are these features rolling out every 2 hours. What the hell. This is pretty great. Only way now commiting is useful.

Seems like Roblox has more storage on their side. DataStores being upped to 4 million characters, 4MB instead of the 240k limit from before, now this.


Amazing! I was whining about needing this just the other day.

So to use this, I need to save individual scripts to roblox?

Can this be/is this retrofitted to work with packages? I structure my packages such that they contain many scripts, and I often get confused as to what’s the real latest dev version thanks to the absolute mess that is local files + published game workflow. I’d love to be able to version scripts inside packages individually rather than per package update.

(It’s difficult to know which “copy” of the game is the true latest; ideally I’d work on the local files only, but then I can’t use published features i.e. datastores, assets etc, which is furiously painful)

Wow, it seems like collaborative editing will actually be worth having on. I’d love to see some sort of log for whenever a person accesses studio and leaves (sessions). This way we can keep track with our own developers to determine suspicious sabotages or in general work hours.


This is great for devs as they might make a mistake in their script and can easily access the old script.

When is this update going to happen though?

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Finally! Another great update!

Can’t wait for this to go live. No more needing to duplicate scripts, then disabling them.

My only concern is:

Would this overload the Roblox servers with scripts?


This will be amazing update if I mess up my scripts and have to revert the game! This will be an nice update :slight_smile:

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Not so uself, I think comments were already telling us what a code do

Wow, really! this is very cool, this is what really needed

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Good news! :tada:

I’m very excited to see an update for scripts,and i find it exciting! :grin:

I will surely check this update when it’s going to be rolled,but i have some questions about it:

  1. Will it make us able to see script commits via an external source?

  2. Wouldn’t a GitHub integration be a better option?

  3. How many versions are saved? Are they automatically saving or manually saving?

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WOAH! A Script history?
That is incredible! I am completely speechless.

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Awesome! Well done team. One step closer to full multiplayer collaborative editing!

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Omg Yes! i would love this update

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That’s pretty neat, although from the screenshots shown it looks to be very visual/pop-up based and somewhat rudimentary still. Will be looking forward to how this evolves over time. In general I think reducing the amount of visual clutter / spacing / different windows on these features and better integrating it with the script view is important if developers are meant to adopt this over other version control methods. As a programmer reducing visual clutter while working is highly important to me.

You really don’t want Roblox to maintain this and they don’t need to maintain it for it to be usable. Just file a feature request for native access to the file system via plugins instead of needing to stream it via localhost http. This proposed solution (rojo/git/etc natively in Studio) is bad and non-generic. File system access on the other hand is a very broadly applicable feature.

TLDR; should tone it down with the fad and start thinking in problems, not proposed solutions.


Finally, I was waiting for this for too long. Now any developer I get to work with that tries to change my scripts will be catched really easily. This is not only for me, but for many others that have problems with their scammy “developers” where someone insert viruses inside of scripts in their game(s). Thanks!

Amazing, I’ve always wanted something like this!

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Hi @Sentross - thanks for the suggestion. We don’t have immediate plans for this but it is a good candidate for the future.

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Hi @R0bl0x10501050 - there is no limit on version history / expiration. Version history is stored in the cloud, not on the local machine. And, no, we don’t have plans for ability to remove older version.

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Hi @BostonWhaIer - thanks! Can you elaborate on what you mean by memory allocation for this feature? The script version history is stored in the cloud and list / content fetched when you access the history.

Hi @FilteredStudio, aw sorry to hear that. To clarify couple of things, script version history is not limited to collaborative editing. Version history will be available even if you have collaborative editing turned off. Script versions are stored in the cloud and do not take up storage on your local machine.

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