Script Version History Phased Rollout

Thanks @FxllenCode! Right now, script history is only accessible through Studio but Creator Dashboard access is definitely a consideration in the future.

Our long term vision is to have Studio as the single solution (no additional tools to install or configure) for developers to build for Roblox platform. And this includes collaboration capabilities.

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Hi @colbert2677 - thanks for the honest opinion. See my previous response on long term vision for integrated Studio solution.

Hi @BuzzKillGT - there is no limit to number of versions. Versions are automatically created depending on Team Create and Collaborative Editing setting. E.g. if collaborative is turned on, version is created during commit; else during ‘apply edits’ or ‘save to Roblox’

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Oh nice, so it’s not stored locally on your computer?

Hi @hellhawk - you can save individual scripts or batch of scripts. If you commit multiple scripts in a batch, you can use the ‘Show’ link under ‘Scripts in Batch’ to see the list of scripts in the batch. Script history will work for scripts in Packages as well.

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Thanks @Alexander7866 - we are going to start rolling it out slowly. We don’t have specific ETA for completion but we’ll be starting rollout this week.

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Hi @WEcompany - thanks! We already have a robust system for tracking asset history and scripts are now part of it and capacity has been accounted for.

Thanks @BelievesHD. Can you clarify what you mean by ‘script commits via external source’? If you are using an external tool that ‘commits’ changes to your local disk, then no. We create version history when scripts are committed / saved to Roblox cloud.

Please see my responses to other comments above regarding other questions.

It’s been a good while since I’ve had time to work on my project, I’m glad to see the team is still busy with updates though! That’s nice.
I actually started using Rojo (a Studio plugin) recently to allow me to edit my scripts in Visual Studio Code, and save them to a GitHub repository. This gives me great version control. Apparently big games like Jailbreak and Adopt Me use this method, thus far it’s working real nice for me (I’ll put some links below for anyone interested). But that’s awesome that Roblox is working hard to get RS to compare with other more advanced editors and engines! Well done.

Does it not work in dark mode?image

I can’t find this script history option anywhere. Rojo does not work well for my workflow where I edit in Studio but still want to have my scripts version history with commit messages in git.

This seems like it would be kinda mostly almost there for me if I could use it.
(still would rather see git integration, or replicate to/from filesystem for external git tools without needing to host rojo webservice)

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Yes, this improves team create vastly. When testing it doesn’t affect you while someone is working on a new script.

how to on this in roblox studio ?

I like this but, It would be cool if it was ones every 10 mins instead of doing every time that we published it or needs to be it

Did some script history features rollout yet
If so, do I need to opt into them to enable them?

This is “must have” feature and i think it must be first priority for roblox. But i would be rather happy to use external script editor and git tool. Rojo didn’t work for me but roblox already supposed to support these features internally(!) if they wanted to create real development ecosystem and attract more real developers. I am actually mobile game developer and i want to give roblox a try but come on! git and external script editor are fundametals of development. Roblox must try hard…

I have collaborative editing and team-create enabled but I see no option to view history, nor do I get the option to commit with a comment.

What am I doing wrong?

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I have the exact same issue. Might they have silently disabled the option, or is there something hidden we forgot to do?

I pointed out that script revisioning is not something visible to me in Roblox Studio over two months ago and there’s been no news.

So this was an odd announcement. I would have liked to use the feature. Starting new projects with or without team create has not allowed me a glimpse of this functionality yet. If there is a beta feature you have to opt in or out of, I haven’t heard that anywhere yet.

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Hey howdy! This feature is now on by default if you use TeamCreate :smiley:


I’d like to create a plugin that automatically compiles commit comments into patch notes.
But currently there’s no way of getting commit comments by code.

Could you either: print the comment when someone commits OR give us some onCommit event?