Script with loop only works one time?

I have made a script where when the car doesnt exist it clones it from ServerStorage and teleports it to a position. but the script only works one time

Here is the script:

while true do
	if game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("Car")
	then print("The car exists") else
		print("The car does not exist")
	local ClonedPart = game.ServerStorage.Car:Clone()
		ClonedPart.Parent = game.Workspace
		print("Car has been parented to Workspace")
		ClonedPart.Position =, 3.877, 167.314)
		print("Car is back in place")
		ClonedPart.Name = "Car"

it does actually teleport it back to place but it doesnt print it?

Firstly, please do not use game.Workspace theres a global called workspace you can use.

Secondly, please do not use wait use task.wait.

The script only works once as you check if the car doesn’t exist then do the operation, but after the car was put in workspace once the script will always find it in workspace and will just say the car exists.

The script still only runs once and i cant figure out why

edit: i made it work