Script working fine when studio testing, not when playing from site?

My game works just fine in studio testing consistantly, but when playing from the place page, My code does not work.

This is a long script so I dont know if I should include it. I defined the textlabel that I am trying to get the parent of previously. what is going on?

Well, I mean showing the code thats giving the issue would be a good start


Well you say you’ve defined it but obviously you didn’t define it more than nil. Try printing the variable you’re trying to check the parent off.

we need more information like if it’s a local script and the block of code itself that declares the textlabel as a variable. are you waiting for it to come into existence with something like :WaitForChild() or repeat task.wait() until? replication can be more delayed when playing your game on a Roblox server compared to studio play testing.