Script_CoreScripts/ExperienceChatMain Very Slow

Our game does not use the voice chat, and we still have the same issues as outlined in this thread.


Adding on to this, even without VC, when we microprofile we see the huge time taken by the ExperienceChatMain script. Are the changes expected to improve performance on games without VC enabled? Also, is there an ETA staff has on when we can expect these features?


Our experiences currently do not use voice chat, but do have bubble chat enabled.

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We do have a few changes that should also optimize non-voice experiences pending. Voice experience will likely see a higher lift.


We do experience this in non-voice enabled experiences, particularly scaling with 100+ users in a server. It’s interesting to note that its not constant, it has “spikes”.

It’s worth noting (and not to demean any of the awesome work ya’ll have been doing), but this is using up significantly more frame time that the rest of our entire game , including rendering.

Any questions you may have, please feel free to get in touch.

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Same exact issue for me. I frequently host events that typically attract around 100+ players on a single server. The game still uses the legacy chat system, does not use voice chat or camera, and even with the chat disabled entirely, there are still frequent lag spikes and high usage from the same script.

It’s less of an issue in low player servers, but in larger servers, the performance issues quickly become more apparent, at least in my case.


Our game is effected, voice chat disabled. Of note; the performance degradation only occurs after a long time of being within the experience seemingly (hours) on desktop devices only on high volume servers. Several thousand miniscule __newindex calls on TextLabels for TextStrokeTransparency and TextTransparency per frame causing 120ms lag spikes.
We use a fully custom chat UI using the new TextChatService as a backend. We do not use DisplayBubble; we display bubbles ourselves. The default chat UI is disabled as a whole, which is why this is confusing.
Seems like a bug to me.


This happens in Anarchy Chess - Roblox after mere seconds of being in the game.

Microprofiler dump:

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For further testing, I teleported around ~130 players to a blank baseplate (no scripts at all - default settings on chat as well.) FPS stayed around 60-70 and frequently spiked the entire time, severely affected by these two Roblox CoreScripts, CoreScripts/ExperienceChatMain (the script mentioned in this post) and another script PlayerListManager. Voice chat was not enabled in this experiment.

I’ve exported the microprofiler from this experiment, but it’s a bit too large for me to upload here so I haven’t.


Owner of that game here, had to switch to legacy chat (which seemed to around three to four times faster than the alternative of keeping the newer chat), because it kept causing repeated lag spikes that made even people on good computer have noticeable lag (most mobile players were having 10fps lag periods)

And for reference for the staff, we had no vc and it happens randomly for around 10 frames before stopping for a few seconds, and it seems to be more laggy the more people there is in a server


Has lasted for months this. Really hoping for an update.

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Can this PLEASE be prioritized, for the love of God? (9.6 MB)

No VC support in our game [ DW REVAMP ] Chech0’s Deltarune RP - Roblox.
The chat alone is causing constant lagspikes. You don’t even have to sit in-game for a while for it to happen, it just instantly starts lagging. We’re literally being punished for using the purported “better” system. This is bordering on unacceptable with how long this has been an issue.

This is severely hampering the user experience for our players on lower-end PCs. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but what is taking so long?!