Scripted + Animated Door

I am making a nuclear power plant RP and I was looking for a scripter to script a few doors for me? Unfortunately, I cannot pay, but you will get to help me in my future projects :P.

The doors are based on the single doors of Broken Hill Nuclear Power Station - Roblox

They need to work when the player clicks the handle (which I can script a little bit of, I think) and it has an opening animation. I can build the door, all I need is someone to script and attach HingeConstraints etc.
The game looks like this so far:

Contact me on Discord at juan lewis#3485

Thanks for any help!


You’ve posted this in the wrong category, click the title and move it to recruitment to continue. (;

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How do I move the post? [30 chars]

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Press on the pencil icon:

Then click on the drop down:

Finally, select your category (recruitment) and then press the tick:


Thanks! I changed it. :stuck_out_tongue: (30 chars)

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I might be able to script a door like that, sent you a friend request.

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Hi I can make one I think you mean a MotionTween? (Add me)

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I don’t exactly know what a MotionTween is but I think I do. Can you add me? Contact is in the post.

Ok! I will add you right now!..

I send you a friend request!_________

What’s your Discord username :P?

TheTalentlessDummy#1695 °°°°°°°°°°°°°°

Your friend request didn’t come through.
I sent you one instead! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok that’s good i will message you there!

And what is your name???

juan lewis#3485 ( 3 0 c h a r s )

I send So accept :DDDDDD…

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