Scripter and Builder wanted!


I have a single player game that I want to get finished. It is a project ive had for a while but the last person quit so I never really got to finish it. Im looking for 1 builder who can build a city and a scripter who can work on an AI system, able to script guns and able to in future updates add quest etc. The profit will be split 25% each since its us 3 only (the other 25$ will go back to the group for more advertisement). All ideas are welcomed to the project if your picked im not looking to rush at all but to work frequently. I personally will be modeling and animating even though most weapon models are done. Looking to make this a thing? Message me on discord Blake Chessmore#1234 see you soon!


It’s a single player so it’s not going to make much money and it extremely unlikely it’ll get to the front page.

I don’t think you need 25% for advertising. You can just take out what you need to advertise each month then split the money up.

25% is too low for what you’re asking the scripter to do especially since you want them to keep working on future updates unlike the Builder position.


I agree with @Oryxide, scripter needs at least 45-50%.