Scripter for a simulator needed [Closed at the moment]

I could up the price once I have enough. But I will have to pay every hour or he will script once a day?

You need to be paying the developer based on the time that he/she has taken on your game or you could decide to pay in a block payment for all of the scripting that needs doing.

so like I pay the dev based on how much he/she worked or I could pay like 50k(example) for the whole game

Yup, you’ve got it now. :smiley:

Ok, thanks! :grinning: I need to start investing robux.

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is the job for the simulator still open?

yes it is but wanted to come back when I have more Robux to pay people

Great! contact me at my discord.(here’s my portfolio)

Sent a friend request on discord!

The payment is surprisingly not out of order. I’m always a big advocate for ensuring developers get their dues but this offer seems fine as it is.

Think about it for a bit. OP may not be as financially better off as other developers, however they’re willing to offer a completion bonus of what may be a lot to them, as well as 50% of game revenue. Half of the game’s revenue. Meaning that if your partnership is fruitful, you may find yourself with a relatively big wallet, especially considering how popular simulators are despite their oversaturation (of course, given they have a well-built market as well). OP is even holding up their end and doing a great deal of the work by serving 4 jobs, yet they’re still offering flat equal.

OP isn’t asking for that much either. If you don’t get into the grit of the task, you can get down a primitive system with not much difficulty which you can build upon as development continues.

Normally yes I would agree that this payment is too low for the task, but for this one I think it’s fine. They seem earnest enough to offer what they can as well as a fair percentage toward the developer they wish to bring aboard.

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Thanks for covering my back. :slight_smile:

50% of game revenue, the game’s currently made 1,600 robux.

I didn’t made too much since It didn’t had lot’s of stuff to do, so by remaking it with bunch more content that would probably make more. (Though nothing more)

Since I’ve created a couple of games but since they didn’t have too much content to it it never became successful.

You misunderstand what the purpose of paying by percentage means.

I’ve already addressed this.

Flat rate payment is not about receiving a cut of what the game has currently made, it’s about receiving what the game will make. 50% is a recurring payout for the revenue that the game earns.

You earn 1000 for completing the game and 50% of what the game is projected to make once it makes it’s way to the market and begins earning.

If the partnership takes the game far and it makes, let’s use 1.7M as an example, then you’re getting half of that.

If he’s only willing to spend 1,000 robux on a programmer, he’s not got the funds to advertise and sponsor the game to make enough back to be seen as a payment.

I could still buy robux :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realise that money isn’t the only way to advertise, right? There are other mediums you can use to advertise, sometimes without spending a single dollar. The point is to build the market in the first place to attain the necessary amount needed to pay dues. Even then, OP is capable of earning cash in alternative methods to be able to put more towards advertising.

You make it sound like it’s an impossible endeavour without having instantaneous financial luxury to throw around. You, if you’re interested in partnering, could also help advertise since you’re going to be scripting and sharing 50% of earnings.

Simply build your market, rack up cash, keep putting them back into advertisements as you test your market and earn. If there isn’t enough, that’s where compensation steps in.


He said he is new and I’ve looked at his posts. He is trying to raise some funds and I believe that 1K is enough. After you got the hang of scripting it isn’t that hard so I wouldn’t believe that 1K is enough.

Also please note that I am a scripter and not some random dude.

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