Scripter For Hire [Commissions preferred] [Open]

About Me:-

Hey there, i am SpacePyro, as you can guess by my name I am a huge space fan. I am 15. I started Roblox right at the development side after I searched up “How to make your own games” on youtube. :laughing:
When I tried doing stuff I didn’t understand anything and it lead to me leaving the platform just to come back to the playable side of things as my friend recommended. I was interested and actually started to do a little scripting but as I was small I couldn’t understand a lot of fo things leading to me just PLAYing Roblox. Then for the first time, I actually learned an entire language (python) after which I was a lot more familiar with variables, functions, events, threading, etc. And after I tried Roblox again, I was able to do a lot of scripting with ease and here I am 2 years later after knowing a lot about luau.


An anime game that I worked on

AttackOnTitanRebirth || Sneak Peek || Alone Clover Studios - YouTube

Some house choosing system I made

Cool House choosing system

A simulation of gravity and how it works

I am also working for a studio called Plat Studios as you can see in my Roblox profile.
Going to add more here as I get some.


I am available almost every day and can work for 1-2 Hours a day. However somedays I may need to take a leave


I like doing commission more but if you have a good offer I maybe will accept percentages. (Only with starting pay). I accept only Robux as payment.


You can contact me on discord:- SpacePyroE#6684
Or less preferably Twitter:-

If you are not satisfied with my showcases, you can give me a test (something to make) to see my skill.
Thanks for visiting. :smiley:

Regards, SpacePyro


I would vouch for SpacePyro, I have worked for him, and is great dev!


I’ve been working with Pyro for over a year and I would definitely recommend him. He always meets my expectations and never fails to amaze me, very dedicated and reliable scripter keep up the great work :+1: