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About Me :wave:

Hey there! My name is jj_Dev1, also known as JamesHacks. I have been scripting for about a year now and consider myself between intermediate and advanced. My main area of work is scripting/coding however I can also do GUI design, basic animations, basic GFX and other types of game development.

Showcase :scroll:

Here are some examples of my previous work:

Code GUI | Checks for repeated codes, no code entered, incorrect code, use enter key or click confirm.

Afk Command | “!afk” Creates forcefield, disables movement and jumping, re-enables all when “!unafk”

A quick shop GUI with a mouse-enter script to show the description of a gamepass + Tween animations

Prices :moneybag:

The prices are negotiable and depend on the job you want. I accept Robux via group funds, or GBP (£) via PayPal. I do not accept percentages, either per asset or per hour/day.

Availibility :cloud:

You can check my DevForum profile status (About me). I am available for 2 weeks after this post is created. If you message me I will tell you the next time I am free and for how long.

Contact :email:

My preferred method of contact is Discord. You can add me “BritishGuy#0001” and I will accept the request. You can reply to this post and I will get back to you when I can. You may also message me on DevForum however I will only respond on weekends.

Works are very basic, but looks great!
Keep up. :+1: