Scripter for hire!

About Me

Hi I’m an indie developer, however I haven’t released any games yet. (I will soon)

I am a scripture and UI designer, UI is currently not being offered


I’m using another account by the way.

Before you see my portfolio, turn down the music (it may be a little loud) and don’t judge on the M16, I didn’t have enough time yet to make it a fancy gun.

Here’s the link: Here is the link to my portfolio: Portfolio - Roblox


  • UI menus
  • Saving data
  • Remote Events
  • Sound
  • Gamplay programming
  • Guns
  • Shops
  • And much more…


I am only accepting robux right now and I do not accept percentages (sorry, I know that it can be hard)

For most of a game it should cost around 5-7K robux, but it is negotiable


You can contact me on Discord at: falcon2666#2092
Please let me know if you are having trouble sending me a friend request.

Slots max: 2