Scripter for hire!

Hello everyone! I am offering my services as a scripter. I have 2+ years of experince in ROBLOX developing. I have been scripting for about 2 years now. I also have some knowlegde of python and html.

I can also translate games from english to spanish or viceversa.


Here’s a few things I’ve scripted:
-Boat system - For mobile, pc, and xbox
-Swimmable part - For mobile, pc, and xbox.
-WASD plane system - For mobile, pc, and xbox
-Continuous pathfinding system (still not 100% finished)
-Loading screen
-Car system - For mobile, pc, and xbox
-Tools like axes
-Deployable ladder placement system
-Saw system to cut doors
-Gun store
-Inventory system (advanced, with stacks, tiers, etc)
-Windows app moderation system (allows you to kick and ban, has logs on discord)
-Plane which follows your mouse
-Weapon system
-Over head UI with XP and Group Ranks label.
-Laser Gun - For mobile and pc.
-And more…

Opinions of people I worked for

Previous games I have worked for

Game for a spanish game jam made with @Aledaddads, I scripted the whole game. You will need 2 players to test it.

Batallas de parkour - Roblox

Normally available 6-30 hours a week. In (summer/other vacation) im avalilable more.

You will have to DM me and explain the job for me to set a price.

Types of payment I accept:

-Group funds
-Devproducts/Gamepasses (including the roblox.
marketplace fee)
-Percentage ONLY with at least one these conditions: game already making profit, backup payment, group with 10k + members (or other type of big community like youtube or twitter) – CLOSED RIGHT NOW.

-Devforum: @gpm231
-ROBLOX: gpm231
-Discord: gpm231#9505
-Twitter: @Gpm231RBLX


You must show proof of funds to pay me and must explain the project clearly. Tacking on extra work will probably cost more.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I definitely feel you can accomplish much better work after much time. I would suggest posting a minimum price range for each section (low ui designs, high ui designs, etc)

If you post the minimum, for each category, you will definitely get more replies, and save a lot more time for people viewing, and other categories.

As for examples; I feel you could add a few more for each category. I feel that 2 doesn’t really represent all of your work, and if you plan to do big UI designs; these definitely do not show much work at all.

I try to end with peace, so of course you seem really encouraged into the UI Design industry, I just feel you can add a few things here and there to simplify your post, and make it overall better!

Best of luck!

UI Designer

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Thanks a lot for all the feedback. I really appreciate it!