Scripter for Hire!

Hi there! I’m Zel! I script on the ROBLOX platform. I would love to be able to script for someone, but I am not too cheap and definetely not too expensive. I love scripting, and I am constantly trying to learn new things about scripting on the ROBLOX platform.

I also make GUIs on the side. I can script them for you, via TweenService, and animate them so they look good! I am able to use gradients utilizing a plugin I have installed as well!

Contacting. I am generally spending most of my time on the application discord. It is a chatting app and stuff, but if you have it you can contact me! You can also contact me here on the DevForum for commissions. Zelrar#4656

Pricing. As stated previously, I’m not too cheap and not too expensive. If I am doing something big, I would like 2-3k R$. I can be payed via USD on PayPal, it doesnt matter. Small things can be like 400-500, and for an entire GUI set its 1k. This includes scripting, animating, side GUIs, music stuff, and etc. I can also do lighting for your game if its struggling on that.

About Me: I am a 13+ year old developer, and for privacy reasons, I do not publically state my age. Apologies. I am a dog-lover, and I am friendly. My clients dont leave unsatisfied, and I like to become friends with people I work with. I am willing to work in a development team as long as they are willing to be serious about their job, and not mess around with scripts or anything like that.

My work:

Fully animated GUI -

Credits GUI -

Scripts: - Sound Regions

I am available a lot. Quarantine can suck, but all bads come with positives, right?

What is the second gyazo supposed to be? 2 boxes and a bunch of clouds is what I see, nothing that screams “cool script”

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Its a soundregion, I forgot to put a note

Hello I have a few questions, are you able to fully script a simulator and do you accept percentages (30%)

Currently, sadly, I am not accepting percentages.