Scripter for hire!

About Me!

Hello there!, My name is Those and I’ve been working with ROBLOX studio (Scripting) for about a year and a half 1.5 to be exact, Im offering my services as a free scripter due to me having no projects right now.


Videos of examples

Custom Coil: robloxapp-20201023-2044236
KickGUI: robloxapp-20201023-2034449
AdminAnnouncment: robloxapp-20201023-2121503

What I could do

I could make a DataStore system
I could make a BanGui
I could make gamepasses
I could make powerups of sorts
Much more


So far im available 4-5 maybe 6 hours a day due to me being on break from school, Going to be back in 1 Week.


Negotiable, 100-50 for smallish jobs, 200 for bigger. Like I said negotiable.


If you hire me for a long-term project then I will be able to leave whenever I tell you I want to with finishing the work you told me to do, With commissions I’d just finish the work


You can contact me on the DevForum or on discord, My user is: Zeslingo#4960

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED, Im not free and I wont accept jobs this portfolio is closed.