[SCRIPTER FOUND] Part-time Scripter

  • You will be working with one of the team’s senior developers. The developer will direct you in what you have to work on in order to complete this game on time.

  • You will be working a two-week term for 20,000 robux. The work term starts when you pass the interview and officially get hired.

  • Compensation will be provided if you are required to work longer than two weeks.

  • Just because you are working for two weeks, doesn’t mean you’re going to be absent for a week and then work. I expect you to work during these two weeks or I will refuse to pay if I feel like you did not use your time wisely.

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledge of scripting and placing UI in Roblox Studio.

  • Knowledge or experience with rigging animations, making animations.

  • 1+ year(s) of Roblox Lua experience.

  • Projects you’ve worked on in the past on Roblox Studio.

  • Understanding of basic programming standards such as writing clean code, commenting your code, debugging for errors, the capability of editing other’s code.

  • Responsibility and work finished on time.

  • 20,000 R$. I will pay 10,000 R$ weekly, I will first review the work that you’ve done prior to payment.

  • Opportunity for more work. Ask any of my beloved developers, once they join, I will always ask them to come back for more work.

Discord: barbie#9637
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BarbieBankz1
Or message me through developer forums.


I’m available to do the testing.

Not hiring game testers at the moment, but I will be during a few days prior to beta launch.

I meant the test to see if i’m qualified.

Alright, send me a request on discord. You will be tested later by my head developer. :smiley:

How many hours do you expect the scripter to work? 20k robux is worth 12.5 hours of work.

I’m unsure why this is an issue with you. At the end of the day, as long as the work is getting completed it should be up to the scripter on how they allocate their work during the 2 weeks.


This is a job for a part-time scripter to help HURRY the process of development. You are working under a lead developer. If the lead developer is waiting on the completion of your tasks because you decide not to follow project deadlines and allocate your work whenever it’s best for you, you’re holding the team back. This job is for someone who is available to get tasks finished by when they’re asked, the amount of time given to complete tasks is decided by a team of experienced scripters, everything is a professional opinion.

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