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Hey there,

I’ll unfortunately have to start with your most hated words, but please bear with me, as this offer will pay off. Okay, so…no straight up pay. This isn’t a commision, this isn’t a task to be done and finished, and this certainly isn’t a one-time thing. We’re collaborating, I’m not hiring you, you’re joining my team. Now that it’s out of the way, let me actually start…


Okay, so I have this sci-fi game that I’m working on, it originates from an old 3D flash game called “Armor Mayhem.” So I’ll start off by describing that.

As the name may hint, this game is mayhem that has to do with armor (iconic!). Basically, the game has a story – companies left earth after the energy finished there, in search for more, and found it on some planet, and they fight for it. You are a soldier for one of these “companies” (think of them as war teams, each with it’s own color). The game modes that you play are: capture the flag (sci-fi orb things), free-for-all deathmatch, team deathmatch, or area control, and all of these are arranged in a level system (missions).

And these missions kinda reflect the story, the levels are based off of areas that get deeper and deeper into the planet in search for the energy, as you progress through the levels. You get money from these missions
which you can use to buy armor, and guns. Armor is interchangeable (so you can select the helmet, torso, arms, and legs by mixing or matching from what you have already bought if you wish)

As for the guns, well, the way guns work in the game are that they are packages that are dropped at intervals in-game, you start off with infinite ammo on a basic gun, and can collect a gun, and use it until you finish it’s ammo, and then it disappears and your basic gun is back (and you can proceed to pick up another gun from the many scattered packages), there are also health drops and umm… yeah!

So that’s the original game, and mine uses a lot of these concepts, except for some obvious and not so obvious alternations I purposefully made, such as…3D instead of 2D, multiplayer, rather than fighting AI or teaming up with AI. Round based rather than campaign, and some other little details.

coollogo_com-29991882 (not the little details I just mentioned lol, details of the job)

Well, you’re probably thinking…cool idea…but what will I be working on?? My dear friend, here are some examples of things you will be working on:

  • Creating a functional main menu, that scales proportionally.
  • Make simple guns (no aiming, just point and click with raycasts/projectiles)
  • Rigging characters and dealing with attachments, for the different armor setups.

Now, I won’t be dumping all of this work on you, it’s common knowledge that this is around the busiest time of the year school-wise, especially for the UK folks. I have already started on some of these details, and have set up a good starting base. I’m very new to lua, but I’m somewhat starting to get the hang of things. I’ll also be making the different armors, guns, and builds. The game plan is available, and features are listed in a check-list. I devote around 7 hours a day to this game (outside of the weekend).

I’d like to close off by going back to my first statements. I’m not hiring you. This won’t be my game, it’ll be ours.

Discord: Nurgenius#0052
You have to be a devforum new member or a full member. Scammers have already contacted me, and some tried to catfish other developers on here to get the job.


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