Scripter needed for air hockey game

About Us

Hey there! I am carslys, an executive and lead builder for Driving Cows. We are a recently founded development team. I currently am on the look for a 2-3 people to join our team.

The Team
@carslys - Executive, Lead Builder
@TheBoys810 - Executive, Lead Scripter
@d4coded - Scripter

A brief look of the game so far:

About The Job

As of right now, I am in desperate need of an animator and scripter. I need animations for the character so that you can smoothly move around your arm to hit the puck into your enemies goal. I also need a scripter to end the game once one player reaches a score of eight. If the puck was also scored on your side, you will be able to place the puck anywhere on your half of the table and continue to play.


Currently, I have no form of payment. All I can offer as of right now is percentages which I know will turn a lot of people off. I can offer as high as 30-40% for the scripter and 25-35% for the animator. Of course these can be negotiated.

Contact Us

You can contact me either here on the devforum or my discord: hungry#3983

I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this! :slight_smile:

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