Scripter Portfolio - adrrob1002

About Me

Hello! My name is Adrian or adrrob1002 on Roblox. I have been on the platform for almost 6 years now and have no intention in stopping any time soon. I am currently 16 years old and I have been scripting for almost 5 years. My timezone is GMT+3, so works pretty well worldwide.


Some of my most notable projects are unfortunately not my property and I can therefore not show it publicly, however, I do have a few of my own projects which I can happily share.

Sword Fighting Game The majority of this game was made in a 1-week timeframe, with small balancing updates and bug fixes along the way. You can find the game here. *This game is still work in progress, so please report any bugs (or add game suggestions) in the Discord server.

Hangman This game was made in a very short time-period and was quite fun to do honestly. You can find it and play it here.

Explosions! This game was made using the AeroGameFramework, and I feel that it shows my ability to use this framework effectively. You can play it here

Cops vs. Robbers This is a game framework I made to show to a potential employer, unfortunately, it wasn’t used any further, but was fun nevertheless. You can play and test it here, though it may need more than one player.


I’m available every day (mostly) for around an hour or two of work and up to six to eight hours of work on the weekends, depending on the difficulty of the asset required.


Prices are negotiable, I prefer to have pay by the asset so that I’m not wasting your money with an hourly rate. I’m really down for anything from 100 R$ for a simple asset to 10,000 R$ for a small game or a very difficult asset to be scripted.

My scripts can be requested to be fully commented and explained if that is a criterion that is required.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord. My tag (which doesn’t change, ever) is adrrob#3655.

Thanks for reading my portfolio,
I hope we could come in contact to organise something which I could work on for you.

Have a great day,