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About Me

I’m a scripter with 4+ years of experience. I’m mostly an all-rounder, without experience in vehicles. I have experience with python, but have mostly stuck to using it for A.I purposes. I have created 2 games that are public on my other account (pokemonguy32453), and while they haven’t been finished, they are enough to represent but not limit what I am able to do. I don’t do any vehicle systems.

(Only able to do short-term commissions at this moment)


My Two Games:
Gaster Fight - Roblox
Undertale AU Remake - Roblox

A Grid System (Using numbers to create a map):
Grid Test - Gyazo

Picking Up Items:


Talking NPCs with facial expressions (and a skip button):

Main Menu:

Things I can do that weren’t mentioned (this is not the limit)

Abilities (examples being things like abilities from anime, or like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, etc.)
Admin Commands


During weekends, I can be contacted at almost any time and am able to work for 6+ hours.
During weekdays, I have school, but depending on the time you contact me, I can still work for about 4-8 hours.


Prices are negotiable. I do not accept percentages.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord (3hara)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent you a message on discord!