Scripter wanted to help finish sports game | Rugby Knowledge required

Scripter wanted to help complete rugby game

About Us

Hi there, we are RRA (Roblox Rugby Association), a team of three people trying to bring the sport of rugby to roblox. I personally have been trying to make a rugby game as far back as 2014, but with little to no success. Now though, with a strong and trusting team, and hopefully with another addition to the team, we can successfully bring a good rugby game to roblox.

Current Dev Team
bouncelo - Founder/Builder/Designer
fastkingyaya - Scripter
57M - Board Member

You can see our progress so far here: (Setting 1 and F to pick ball up, X to throw, setting 2 and M to tackle)

About The Job

We have one amazing programmer and have already made great progress in terms of gameplay, however we talked about it and thought it would benefit everyone if we hired another scripter just to help speed things up and help bring the project to an end. As you can see if you visited our game, there are still some things that can be tweaked, as well as finishing off other coding of the game not yet published such as rucks, kicking, lineouts etc.

We would very much prefer it if you already know about rugby and at least have a basic understanding of the sport as this would make life much easier for both parties.

Teamwork will come in handy here as you will need to get caught up with the status of the project, then be able to delegate tasks and work with our other programmer.


Payment will be in robux, through group funds. More specific pricing can be negotiated once you are made aware of the tasks at hand.

Contact Us

Thanks for reading! If this interests you, or you have any other questions please don’t hesitate in sending a message on discord at celo#8991

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