Scripter/Animator Needed for Island Survival/Murder Game!

Job Recruitment

About Us

Hi there! We are PolyBomb Studios, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for 1+ scripters/animators who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Big Game!

The Team
@Ok6c - Builder
@galleries, (N/A ) - Scripter
@Ne_0nn - UI
@(N/A) - Animator

About The Job

Scripter’s Job:
-model scripting
-points system

Animator’s Job:
-reload gun animation
-weapon fire animation

your tasks needs to be completed by the end of November/This year . Take your time

about the Game

Basically an island where there is one murderer and the rest are victims.

Ways To Win As The Victim

-Try to escape the island
-Try to kill the murderer

Ways To Win As The Murderer

-Try to kill everyone in the island

Ways To Loose The Game

-Time runs out


-Scripter 1k-1.5k R$
-Animator 800 R$
You will be payed 15% of the R$ if you want to keep working in our group after your tasks are done

Contact Us for more info

roblox message me at:


Must be 13+ to apply

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’d like to talk with you about more information on the scripting job, however I was unable to send the discord friend request.

Add me on discord, my user is: jolyroly#8006

I’m interested but your discord tag is not working my discord username is: Polaris#8465

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Hello, I’m interested in working with you for the animation job, my discord is DahRock#9499.

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Thanks For Contributing! Everything has been solved!

Discord XxMissSporty877241xX#2271,

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