ScriptGuid "%X%" invalid. Replaced with "%Y%" error flooding & spamming every server

There following error is flooding our game right now, which is causing undesired amounts of traffic to flood into our external systems.


It looks like it is happening in every server consistently.


Same thing for me, it’s showing up in the client output.

the message should now only be displayed in studio.


Gone for me now in-game, thank you. Does this message mean anything important? (as in does it indicate there is a problem with our scripts?)

it shouldn’t be an issue with the scripts. The game engine shouldn’t be generating these invalid values. It’s possible it did in the past or maybe some 3rd party tools generated them. The updated value should get used if you save/publish the place/asset.


We still have problems with Script GUID spam - and this is in a place created in September 2020 and been actively worked on since then.

So the engine is still generating invalid values in some cases, not entirely sure what cases though.

Edit: It does not spam in Studio, but when Team Testing.

Just the same for us: We are experiencing it in TeamTesting but not in regular Studio tests (play or server tests).

We are getting these errors as well.

It only happens in Team Testing. Does not occur on Local Testing.
@ConvexHero is this something we should be concerned about?

Probably not. The guid is now used as part of a filename in the drafts feature. As a result it is now forced to be a guid vs a user supplied string containing “…/” or characters invalid on certain filesystems. The message was intended to display any suspicious non-guids as well as help engine developers track down any issues with changed guids and drafts.

Not sure where the double guid comes from or why the mixed case. It’s a bug that should be fixed of course.