About Me

I have been on the platform for close to six years now, and am offering my services as a scripter, builder, and UI designer.

I’ve worked with multiple groups in providing small-scale systems, such as terminals, guns, holo GUIs, VIP server terminals, bug-fixing, etc. I have a great amount of experience both working short and long-term with clients. Notable examples of long-term include working for Kryex’s SCPF (now shutdown) as the head of its MaD and the clan GLORY in their Land of Amethyst and Arctic Outpost games.



While I am available to work almost every day and generally get most commissions done in under a week, my work schedule for a specific commission will vary and be estimated with factors such as classes, personal life, etc taken into account.


Prices are negotiable. I take USD via PayPal.


Thanks for reading! :smiley:


I’ve added you on discord, I’m Trisins 1111


Legendert worked as a programmer for a while on my Special Containment Procedures Foundation. Legendert is a very honest, respectful, and hard-working person. When it came to scripting my game he was very intuitive in his decision-making and fast with his work.

On top of being a programmer for my development team he also worked as a lead project manager and helped coordinate the development team. He did a fantastic job of setting up the development trello board and managed things accordingly.

If you are looking for someone that does excellent work in a short amount of time I cannot recommend anyone more than Legendert. Considering he has multiple skillsets, what more would you want from a developer?

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