Scripting Colors?

I kind of like the DevForum’s script color scheme and I was wondering if I can get the colors somewhere. I initially was going to pick each color but after starting that I decided absolutely not. Am I able to find these colors somewhere?

Oh, and if this is in the wrong category, (which it probably is) tell me which one it belongs in because I don’t know of any other category that this would fit better into.


What do you mean by get the colors?

I am talking about the different colors of the script editor in Studio. It would be really nice to set those colors to the theme I see in the DevForum. (Mainly the dark theme ones) I just don’t want to have to manually pick the colors.

there is a plugin for this:
I found this on a previous discussion on scripting colors


Here is some of them. Might not be an exact match, did through judgement of sight.

Text Color: [77,77,77]
Background Color: [255,255,255]
Selection Color: [255,255,255]
Selection Background color: [8,107,255]
Operator Color: [77,77,77]
Number Color: [106,189,171]
String Color: [255,0,4]
Comment: [113,112,96]
KeyWord Color: [0,0,0]

The background isn’t “Pure black” I’d recommend going into chrome and looking at the CSS on inspect element and convert the hexcodes to RGB

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I have set dark mode on true in Windows and I opened roblox studio again and I got dark theme on it automatically.
I hope this helps. :herb:

Hey @AaronBuilderMC, it’s fully possible to change the Script Editor colors from the Studio Settings > Studio > Script Editor Colors menu!